Getting eclipse debugger to work with Odoo

The only way to truly learn how Odoo works is to get into a serious bind and be forced to step through the code using a debugger such as the one found in Eclipse/PyDev.  However, out of the box, I’ve not yet been able to get this to work with newer versions of Odoo  (9+) unless I disable gevent.

Instead, I’m forced to edit the openerp module slightly to disable ‘evented’.

To do this I open the openerp/ file and comment out the two lines after evented  is initialized to False :

import sys
evented = False

# if sys.modules.get(“gevent”) is not None:
# evented = True

Now that I think about it, perhaps I just need to run odoo in a different mode (not worker) than gevent but I have to do some more research to figure this out. 



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