Experience moving to Wind Mobile from Fido – BYOP

  1. Go to Wind Mobile Store ( Kanata, Ontario) with my Blu life One X.
  2. Ask if guy can test my phone to see if it works on Wind
  3. Guy puts test Sim in my phone
  4. Phone picks up Wind signal in about 20s — He says: “You’re good to go”
  5. He asks if I want to port my number.
  6. I say yes.
    1. He talks me into  the 5gb for 35 bucks for 10 month promo. I go for it knowing i can cancel whenever since I am not on contract.
  7. He does magic on his computer
  8. Tells me it will take about an hour to phone number to port and that I’ll have a temp number ( with data) until that happens.
  9. I get various texts from Wind (while filling out paper work) explaining how to setup mobile app for managing bill, addons. I also get a helpful pamphlet
  10. I’m told it will be 25 dollars for the Sim. Kind of disappointing but everything else was so smooth I didn’t complain.
  11. An hour later I get a text saying my number has been ported.

Experience so far:

Reception  has been fine. I work in a home office in a basement in suburban Ottawa. Data is slow but usable. For checking email, slack, web surfing it as been fine so far.

Update – Sept 14, 2016

  • Speeds are great upstairs in house and in various parts of city. ~900 KB/s
  • Signal switched to Wind-Away in Walmart the deeper I got into store. When I got to cash, it had flipped back to Wind.