erppeek migration gotcha

While doing a lead migration from Odoo to Salesforce, I found that I was missing  ALL my archived records.  It appears that when you do a search on a model, it explicitly includes  ‘active’ = True in your search criteria.  Will update this later when I figure out how to fix this.

AWS API Gateway/Lambda 502 issues

Was having issues with a simple Lambda function written in python and exposed over the API gateway (in proxy mode).  All the function did was validate some incoming JSON using some json schema validator and drop the valid data into a redis set. We got intermittent reports from the client that the requests were timing[…]

A few docker issues

Needed to add an option to /etc/default/docker so that my dockerfile could access resources when calling pip install -r…… DOCKER_OPTS=”–dns –dns″ Then, for some reason I was unable to run sudo docker login without getting a timeout error until I added to the top of my name servers in /etc/resolv.conf

When To Use sub-flow, vs VM vs Flow

Need to remember the various use cases for the strategies with connecting components of a flow. Also need to remember what state/variables get passed from component to component. It looks like when doing enrichment, I call out with a sub-flow reference.  Not sure why using a VM didn’t work for this case. Turns out, using[…]